Canigou is an eclectic duo that operates in the realm between indie electro, ambient and art pop. While drawing influence from acts like Aphex Twin, Bon Iver, Björk and 36, Canigou elude being easily placed or categorized, but always carry with them the levitating ambience that makes up their core sound. The notion of collaboration and creating without ego are important factors for the duo. More often than not they invite other artists and creatives to take part in the process in order to expand the creative boundaries and allow for new expressions to take form.

Most known for their collaboration with acclaimed Japanese director/animation artist Hideki Kanahebi Inaba, with their 2017 ambient track Tape, Canigou continues to work on new dreamy intergalactic tunes that will let you pause reality for a while. The new single, You Dance Inside My Chest, is released July 12, with a full EP to follow in the fall of 2020.

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